Why wear the RAIN BEAU mask?

Wearing a RAIN BEAU mask is one more step you can take to protect yourself and those around you from particles and air pollutants. In addition, the adjustable ear loops and nose ring combined with the use of our PM 2.5 activated carbon filter. Our reusable masks will give you the comfort and confidence in preventing respiratory droplets from reaching your nose and mouth.

What protection does the mask use?

The mask must be used with a PM 2.5 filter. It is made from activated carbon and non-woven filter fabric, the 5-layer filter system provides effective protection against PM 2.5 particles and air pollutants.

What does the Public Health Agency of Canada say about wearing a face mask?

As of April 7, 2020, the Public Health Agency of Canada has told all Canadians to wear a non-medical face mask as an additional protective measure over and above the measures already in place to combat the spread of the virus responsible for COVID-19. The RAIN BEAU face mask falls into this category.

Which face mask to choose?

Protective masks are classified according to different filtration categories and offer varying degrees of protection. The level of filtration should be chosen according to the degree of protection required for the task you have to perform. For example, work carried out in direct contact with patients with COVID-19 requires an N95 respirator, while a simple splash mask, such as the RAIN BEAU mask, is appropriate to limit the spread of respiratory droplets in the air when it is not possible to physically distance in public.

Can I trust the RAIN BEAU protective mask?

Spray protection masks are considered by Health Canada as Class 1 medical devices. Since the level of potential risk associated with their use is low, spray masks, as well as all Class 1 medical devices, are not licensed by Health Canada. However, in order to produce and sell a Class 1 medical device in Canada, a company must obtain an Establishment Licence from Health Canada. In order to obtain an establishment licence, the company commits to minimizing the risk of use to the public by implementing a recall mechanism for its products, among other measures.

Am I protected from COVID-19 if I wear a RAIN BEAU mask?

The RAIN BEAU mask traps respiratory droplets that the wearer expels or prevents droplets from an infected source from reaching the nose and mouth. However, we cannot guarantee that wearing the RAIN BEAU mask will protect you from the virus responsible for COVID-19 or any other virus. Adopting a responsible behaviour that respects public health guidelines, including the proper use of a protective mask, is the best way to fight any virus.

Can I use the RAIN BEAU mask even if I have a beard or mustache?

Yes, as long as the face mask is adjusted accordingly and the beard is of a reasonable size. The seal of the face mask is not required and is not a criteria for the effectiveness of the mask.

Is the RAIN BEAU face mask suitable for children?

The RAIN BEAU mask is designed to adapt to the size of the person's face. Please refer to the instructions we provide for instructions on how to take the measurement to determine the size of mask that is right for you. If a person's face measurement exceeds the upper and lower measurements indicated, neither size will fit the person, whether an adult or child. A safety mask that does not fit the size of the face does not provide optimal protection for the user. Please contact us if you have this problem. We are committed to improving our products and look forward to hearing from you.

How do I put on/adjust/take off my Rain-Beau face mask?

To find out how to install, adjust and remove your RAIN BEAU face mask, please refer to the user guide included in your face mask package.

Is my mask reusable?

Yes, the Rain-Beau face mask is washable and reusable. To find out how to care for it, consult the user guide included in the packaging of your mask.

Are the filters reusable?

No, PM 2.5 activated carbon filters must be changed each time they are used. For instructions on how to change the filters and for full information on the filters, please refer to the user guide included in your mask packaging. We recommend using each PM 2.5 filter for a maximum of 12hr. 

Can I share my mask with someone else?

For obvious hygiene and health reasons, we recommend that you do not share your Rain-Beau face mask with anyone else, even if it has been cleaned beforehand.

How often should I wash the RAIN BEAU face mask?

You should wash your RAIN BEAU face mask after each period of wear. The frequency of washing is left to your discretion. It depends on your level of perspiration, your skin type (oily or dry) and the context in which you use it. Please refer to the user guide included in your mask package.

After how many washes should I replace my mask?

The lifespan of your RAIN BEAU face mask depends on how you care for it. Under ideal conditions (wearing it for a few hours a day with careful use and maintenance), the product will resist a few dozen washes and will return to its initial state. However, be sure to replace your protective mask as soon as you notice any significant deterioration in the materials (detachment, discoloration, thinning, etc.).

My face mask fits my face well, but I feel a little warm. Can I remedy the situation?

A well-adjusted RAIN BEAU face mask should cover your chin and nose at mid-height, and rest gently around your face, without tightening. When you install your RAIN BEAU mask, make sure to allow for slight ventilation under your chin. This small opening will reduce the build-up of heat and moisture allowing you to breathe more freely.

What should I do with my RAIN BEAU face mask after using it?

Remove your mask by removing the elastic bands around your ears, without touching the front of the mask with your hands. After removing your mask, place it in a closed temporary container until it's time to wash it to avoid contaminating other objects. Always keep in mind that once worn, the face mask is potentially contaminated and should not come into contact with anything before washing. At the end of its useful life, dispose of your face mask according to the standards and laws in your area.